I have always been a fan of Dave Smith Instruments (sometimes known as Sequential) mostly based off of the incredible history of the Prophet synths. They were such fundamentally inspiring synths throughout the 80s, with a lush and identifiable sound. In my mind, DSI put a warmth into synth sounds that had never quite been done before.

Before I bought my Rev2, I’d owned many synths previously…mostly Korgs or Yamahas. But I’d spent a lot of time with FM synthesis and monophonic units. I’d never owned a Prophet.

The Sequential Prophet Rev2 is a powerful and versatile analog synthesizer. It’s the updated version of the already-iconic Prophet ’08 and man…it stands out.

One standout feature of the Rev2 is its polyphonic capability, allowing for up to 16 voices of polyphony (you can buy the cheaper 8-voice model and add an expansion card later, if you want). This makes it ideal for creating rich, layered sounds and textures that are not possible on many analog synths, especially paraphonics. Additionally, the Rev2 features a high-quality digital effects processor, which provides a range of reverb, delay, and other effects that can be customized to suit your needs.

In terms of sound quality, the Rev2 delivers the classic analog warmth and richness that is synonymous with vintage synthesizers and Dave Smith in general. The synth features two oscillators per voice, as well as a resonant low-pass filter and a variety of modulation options, including an LFO, envelope generator, and sequencer. The sound can be further shaped using the extensive onboard controls, which include a range of knobs, buttons, and sliders.

The great thing about the Rev2? Like most Sequentials, everything is on the surface. There is no menu diving. There’s a knob for everything.

Compared to other analog synth models, the Rev2 offers a greater degree of flexibility and control over the sound. The synth can be easily integrated into modern music production workflows, with a range of connectivity options that include MIDI, USB, and CV inputs and outputs. The Rev2 supports patches from the Prophet ’08 and there is a plethora of third party patches available.

I paid only $1400 for the keyboard version. The price has gone up since then, but sometimes you can find the desktop module version for a bit cheaper.